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QS Social Responsibility Scholarship Winner 2021: Ana Catalina Mancilla Uribe

By Niamh O

Updated September 20, 2021 Updated September 20, 2021

"Scholarships open doors for many people, I believe we, as human beings, need to open more doors for everyone who needs it, and scholarships are a way to open those doors," says Ana Catalina Mancilla Uribe, this year's winner.

Attending university is a huge expense for students, with international students paying even more in tuition fees than domestic students to undertake their studies.

Scholarships, financial aid, and funding offer students’ additional monetary assistance should they need it to help with the expenses associated with higher education.

Ana Catalina Mancilla Uribe, a student from Mexico, will begin her studies on The London School of Economics and Political Science's Master's in International Migration and Public Policy for (MSc) programme this year.

Ana won this year’s QS Socal Responsibility Scholarship (worth US$10,000). Topuniversities spoke with Ana to find out what the scholarship meant to her and her future studies.

How difficult was the scholarship process?

The process for getting the scholarship was very easy. It started with attending the events planned by QS, which were very helpful while starting the process of choosing universities and programmes. Afterwards, I looked at the different types of scholarships offered to those who attended the events, and after choosing the scholarship that fitted me the most, I wrote the essay that I latter submitted.

The process was very easy and a little nerve wracking once I found out I was short listed, but I am so glad I was given this amazing opportunity.

How important are scholarships for education today? Especially as an international student?

Scholarships are fundamental for the future education of international students. There are many great programmes and opportunities worldwide, but without the support of funding and scholarships, the future generations will struggle to find the proper education that can lead them to change the world.

Scholarships open doors for many people, I believe we, as human beings, need to open more doors for everyone who needs it, and scholarships are a way to open those doors.

Would you have been able to go to school without the scholarship?

Without the scholarship provided by QS, it would have been impossible for me to attend London School of Economics and Political Science. Getting the scholarship was the key to start this wonderful and exciting process.

Do you think there should be more scholarships available for students across universities?

There are so many people with so much potential worldwide, but many of them do not have the opportunity to use that potential because they don't have the opportunity to access the education they need.

Imagine a world where everyone can get the best education possible, I believe we would have a very different world than the one we have today. So yes, there should be more scholarships for students, so that everyone has every opportunity available to learn and change the world.

Which other scholarships did you look at? And why did this appeal to you?

I looked at many scholarships, however, I liked the Social Responsibility scholarship from QS because I feel that it was not only looking to give out money, but to contribute to the world. My objective after studying my master´s program is to create change for those who are struggling, and I felt as if QS was also looking for that. I felt that we had a similar vision, and its great to be sponsored by an organisation that cares about making an impact in the world.

Which other scholarships with a social responsibility focus did you look at?

I looked at another social responsibility scholarship by Educations.com however I was not able to get the scholarships.

Why is social responsibility important to you?

Social responsibility is everything to me. I believe that, as human beings, we have the obligation to look outside of our comfort zones and reach out to those who are struggling or suffering. When we leave behind prejudice and indifference, among many other attitudes that prevent us from being socially responsible, we find the best of human beings.

If everyone in the world took the time to be conscious of their responsibilities, and do everything possible to comply with their part, the world would really be a better place. I want to play my part and everyday do everything I can to comply with my responsibility, and then do even more. I hope that with time, many people will their part and we can together transform the world.

What can people do to be more socially responsible?

I believe that the first step to be more socially responsible is to get informed about the difficult situations that people face worldwide and about the situations or problems where you want to be part of the solution.

To be able to be more socially responsible you first need to know what the problem is. Secondly, we must never give in to indifference.

When we see a problem or some difficulty, we must not think that some one else will solve the problem, or that someone else will help those who need it.

To be socially responsible one must get creative about how to solve problems, and never turn your back when you come across a difficult situation that needs solutions.

What advice would you give to fellow prospective students hoping to earn a scholarship?

My advice to anyone who hopes to earn a scholarship is to be as honest and open-hearted as possible. When putting down in writing what your plans and objectives are, let your passion flow with the pen and I am sure that the revision committee will know that you are the perfect fit for the scholarship

This article was originally published in August 2021 . It was last updated in September 2021

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